About Me

My Intro to High School Animation 

I have been playing video games and watching movies before I could speak, it was only natural that I would begin learning about how to make them too. My first computer related class was Digital Interactive Multimedia during my Freshman year of high school. The class was a breeze since I had been using computers my whole life. Although it was easy, I did gain a base knowledge of photography and photo editing. During my Sophomore year of high school I took CG Animation as an elective. I loved that class. Never before had I been so creative or challenged with such complex software. I would spend many class periods going back to the Animation classroom to finish my projects. During those visits I would see what the second level Animation students were working on. Their work blew my mind. Fully modeled vehicles, animated characters, and games being worked on right in the engine! I knew I had to take that class the next year of high school.

Second year of High School Animation

My Animation II Honors class of Junior year was great. The class consisted of only three Animation II students (including myself) and five third level students. We were given creative freedom to do nearly anything we wanted, so my two fellow classmates and I decided to make a video game along with an introductory animation to the game. The first month of the pipeline was hectic, we only had a mediocre amount of programming and CG skills. My group members and I began laboring through tutorial after tutorial to learn more about how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task before mid February. This deadline was given to us by our teacher in order for our projects to be entered into SkillsUSA (a nation wide competition consisting of numerous separate competitions). We met the deadline for both projects and were rewarded third place for our game at district, best of show for our animation at district, and a superior rating for our animation at state. I also competed in a timed partnered Animation at SkillsUSA. My partner and I won first place at district and we also went on to win fifth at the state level. The remaining couple months of junior year were spent learning the more technical side of animation and even some programming.

Third year of High School Animation

(October 2014) I am currently a high school senior enrolled in Animation III Honors. During the summer before my senior year I learned the basics of the following programming languages. JavaScript, C#, and Python. I decided to learn these languages in order to be more efficient in the work I performed and also to possibly create a video game. For the next several months I will be working on two major projects, a 2D platforming game and an animated short about the routine of our lives. I am looking towards the future and I’m currently searching for potential colleges and scholarships.

(March 2015) I participated in SkillsUSA Texas’ 7 hour partnered competition for 3D animation at the State level. My partner and I were given a prompt revolving around the saying “In a pickle”. I am happy to say that we placed first (among seventeen other teams that turned their animation in on time) and will be attending the national competition in June. Click here to watch our animation.  I also participated in SkillsUSA Texas’ animated short project contest. I received the highest ranking award Best of Show for my animated short “An Arm and A Leg”. Click here to watch the animation.

Around the same time I got back from the the state competition I received news that I had been accepted into The University of Texas at Dallas. I’m looking forward to furthering my education of animation starting August 2015!

I just got back from the SkillsUSA National competition and I’m glad to say that my partner and I brought home the silver! We were given 9 hours to create a 20-30 second animation about an object you would find in a kitchen while also keeping in mind the 12 principles of animation. I was extremely happy with the story we came up with and the cartoon-like animation we created, but I was discontent with how much of it we were able to render out in time. In the end we rendered roughly half of the shots we had actually animated. My partner and I thought we had done terribly and we were sure we wouldn’t place, but we ended up getting second. The animation is not available at this time, but as soon as it is I’ll make sure to post the link.