Rhinoceros Muscle Rig

This project was one I decided upon for my rigging based Independent study. My objective was to implement a muscle system into a relatively basic rig in order to achieve desirable deformations, and to also learn more about computer generated muscles. Each muscle of the Rhino has squash, stretch, jiggle, and skin sliding implemented. Each of these attributes were fine tuned to mimic the real life muscles of a Rhino. The mechanics of the rig are fairly straight forward; IK legs, IK/FK tail and neck, scapula/shoulder control, basic joint based facial rig, etc. Overall, I believe the integrated muscle system greatly enhances the deformations of this rig and also brings a sense of life and weight to the character.

Disclaimer: I did not create the original model for this rig.


Octopus Rig

This class final project’s objective was to implement all of the different techniques learned this semester, but to also include new ones. Each tentacle of the octopus utilizes an IK FK switch, and the rest of the body uses forward kinematics. Each of the inverse kinematic chains on the tentacles utilize a spline IK so that non-linear deformers could be used to deform the spline IK’s curve in a natural way. Each limb has a squash and stretch system with controls to allow for fine tuning of volume preservation, this also includes the mantle. The face and body of the octopus have numerous blendshapes to allow for facial expressions and fine tuned body deformations.

Disclaimer: I did not create the original model for this rig.