High School Senior Year Project “Rat Race”

This is an image of the outliner for the rats rig.

This is an image of the outliner for the rats rig.

This year of high school I wanted to challenge myself with a monumental project. I decided to work with my friend because I would require his knowledge of lighting, rendering, and texturing. Together, we created a solid story that many people could relate to. Since October I have modeled and rigged the main character, modeled several sets, and have ironed out the storyboard with my partner. It is currently December and I plan to have everything modeled by January for my friend to texture.

About a month ago my partner and I decided to put this project on hold till we had free time (It is currently May 2nd). We decided to pause production because it was taking a toll on my school grades and health. The root cause of this was the lack of man-power. From the storyboard I estimated I would be animating around 5 minutes worth of video. This would’ve caused me to rush the animation (in order to have it finished before school ended), which in turn would create a sub-par short film.

Early Lab Render

This is an early lab render. My partner and I are planning on revisiting the lighting and shading.

Rat Rig

This is the final model and rig for Jyles the rat. This was probably the most fun I’ve had modeling and rigging a character by far.


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